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About Us

MaryJane Hemp Foods was founded on the inspiration and sheer excitement of discovering Hemp as a sustainable and superior source of healthy nutrition, along with the realization that not a lot of people know much about the many uses and benefits of this amazing crop.


We are moving this company forward with our great value for healthy eating and lifestyle. We are committed to bringing Hemp to the forefront of superfoods by creating the best food choices. Mary Jane Hemp Foods not only offers healthy food products but also food choices that people can truly appreciate and enjoy, because we believe that "Healthy" doesn't have to compromise "Delicious". We want people to have a pleasant experience of eating our creations every time.


With our zest for innovation, MaryJane Hemp Foods always strives to improve the products that we offer to our customers. We incorporate healthy ingredients to our hemp food line and utilize eco-friendly ways to package and carry out our operations.



Our Core Values – The Three Spheres of Sustainability



Non-GMO Policy

MaryJane Hemp Foods is concerned about the impact genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are having on our health and environment. Since our inception, MaryJane Hemp Foods has had a non-GMO policy, and we only source organic ingredients.