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What is Hemp?

We at MaryJane Hemp Foods are very excited to bring to you one of the best crops little known to our society: HEMP!

Having discovered its many benefits and uses, we were very inspired to build a company that will showcase its mufti-faceted qualities which are beneficial to our health and the environment.

HEMP?  What's that?!?

Not a lot of people know about HEMP and part of our mission at MaryJane Hemp Foods is to educate more people about it.

HEMP is an ancient crop that dates as far back as 8000 BC. It has been made controversial since the industrial era because of its biological relation to Marijuana and its capacity to replace many industries.

It does look a lot like “Pot” and it is within the same plant species, but let us make it clear that HEMP is not the same as Marijuana. Its difference is in its use and the THC content. (THC is the “High” factor or the psychoactive compound in the Cannabis plant species). HEMP has a very low THC content... not enough to make you high even if you try to consume a truckload! In fact, when HEMP is planted close to a Marijuana plant, the Marijuana loses its potency. We could not emphasize enough that HEMP will not make you high but it is indeed high in nutritional value! That's the good news!

HEMP's Role In The Industry

It is so amazing to know that there are over 50,000 products that can be made out of hemp. No other crop can do that! That is the reason why it has been heavily regulated. Imagine if HEMP is allowed to be grown in all countries without the existing restrictions; the multinational corporations will become obsolete. HEMP can be used to make paper products, ropes, plastics, medicine, food, non-toxic fuels, construction material, soaps, clothes, not to mention all of these are biodegradable. And to quote the former, US President, Thomas Jefferson, he said, “Hemp is of first necessity to wealth and protection of the country.” He too, grew hemp and was a great advocate of it. It's also interesting to know that the declaration of American Independence was written on HEMP paper.

Why Is HEMP Good For You And The Environment?

First of all, in growing a HEMP crop, the farmers don't really need herbicides or pesticides. It naturally repels weed growth and has few insect enemies. That means whenever you consume HEMP, you don't get those toxic chemicals in your system!

HEMP has the healthiest source and most digestible source of protein. Edestin, which is found only in HEMP plant, is very similar to the human blood plasma which makes it so easily digestible by our body and probably also the reason why there are no reported allergies to HEMP.

Also, HEMP contains all 10 Essential Amino Acids. It is called “essential” because our own bodies cannot produce it and therefore we must get it from the foods we eat.

When it comes to healthy fats, EFA ( Essential Fatty Acids), HEMP boasts of the best balance on its Omegas 3 and 6. And how is this balance significant? Omega 6 encourages blood clotting whereas Omega 3 reduces clotting. If there is an imbalance between those EFAs then there will be a problem in the blood flow. Omega 9 is important in controlling blood sugar. EFAs are crucial for the transport and breakdown of cholesterol. That means consuming HEMP helps to regulate cholesterol and blood pressure, and of course, good for those who are trying to lose unwanted weight!

HEMP has more protein than meat. It is a far healthier source of protein than soy or whey. A lot of body builders are usually focused on just the protein content when they are buying their protein drink to build their muscles; and the most popular among them are soy and whey.

HEMP is second only to soy in terms of protein content, but it should be noted that soy contains Trypsin inhibitors.....meaning it blocks Trypsin which is an enzyme that is essential for proper digestion.

Soy on the other hand is derived from beans which have oligosaccharide content that can lead to unpleasant stomach upset and gas. Also, most soy protein is processed with solvent extraction. The solvent that is commonly used with this is called “Hexane” which is similar in structure to gasoline! Now if you don't mind drinking gasoline, you should be fine drinking soy!

Unlike HEMP, soy is not cold-pressed. It is processed through high heat and this process destroys the enzyme functions of the protein. In other words, there is nothing left essential anymore when you consume soy.

Whey protein is a popular alternative to Soy Protein but what the press release fail to tell consumers is that massive consumption of whey (especially for bodybuilders) leads to a health condition called INTESTINAL TOXEMIA. The end result is a decrease in muscle gains as it severely damages the ability of the body to maintain an anabolic state.(Anabolic refers to the metabolic process that is characterized by molecular growth, such as increase in the muscle mass, or “muscle-building”) Many bodybuilders who use whey protein experience undesirable weight gain, but it's in the form of “toxic sludge” in their gut. The blockage of this toxic sludge reduces the ability of protein to be absorbed by the body.

These are just a few reasons why we go gaga over HEMP! The more we know, the more we want to explore it and incorporate it in our products so we can share them to you.


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